The past few weeks have come with a fair amount of changes, good changes that is, and my eyes have most definitely been opened. If I am 100% honest with you, although these changes have been good ones, they have come with their fair amount of challenges. It is not always easy to eat healthily ALL THE TIME. Some afternoons when I get home from work I struggle to find motivation to put my trainers on and to go for a run instead of lying on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. So yes, it hasn’t always been easy but my word do I feel healthier, stronger and happier! A few weeks ago I literally did not have any motivation at all, I felt tired all the time and the view that I had of myself was a very negative one. Obviously it was difficult for me in the beginning to get back into exercising again as well as to make dietary changes and to follow through with them but I’ve got over the first few weeks and, even if I say, I am incredibly proud of myself. I have seen results not only in my body but in the way that I feel. I look in myself in the mirror and I no longer think that I am too short or that my hips are too big because, actually, I love my height and I love my curvy body too. Each day I am learning to love myself more and that, in itself, is one of my goals achieved already.



Brittany xo


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