Overnight Chocolate Oats with Blueberries

I love changing up my breakfast from time-to-time because I sometimes get tired of eating scrambled eggs every single morning as well as the fact that it’s also not good to eat so many eggs. I love oats because they’re so verstile and I especially love these healthly chocolate overnight oats because they’re done the night before so that there is no fuss in the morning!

Overnight Chocolate Oats with Blueberries
Makes: 1 portion

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup almond milk (enough to cover the oats + a bit more)
2 tsp raw cocoa powder
Drizzle of honey (optional)
Handful of blueberries
Almond/Cashew/Macadamia Nut Butter
Mixed seeds

1. Place the oats into a container/dish and cover with almond milk. Make sure that there is a bit more almond milk than just to cover the oats as the oats expand.
2. Cover and place into the fridge overnight.
3. To assemble, warm the oats in the microwave with a little water to loosen the mixture. Mix in the raw cocoa powder and place the mixture into a bowl. Add the blueberries, seeds and nut butter of your choice.



Brittany xo


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